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At Lakeland Pools and Spas, we have been providing the people of Sussex County and surrounding areas with pools, spas and service since 1964.




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Best hot tub value I found

I have had this hot tub for over a year now and have been very satisfied with in all areas. Very easy to maintain water control with routine maintenance and service.. This is my third hot tub and I wish I had bought this first it is that good which … Read More

GGE32 - Nevada, Missouri

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Best Decision Ever

The SX model is the perfect size for my family of three. It is not too big for our deck as it still gives us plenty of room for other items. The best part about the spa is the bonding taking place when our family relaxes together. My children, who … Read More

SLW0806 - Worcester

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Excellent value and enjoyment

Excellent spa, reasonably priced and very reliable! Have owned mine for several years, virtually repair free. The energy costs to operate it are so low I saw no increase in my electric bill at all!!! Perfect size spa for a couple, we use ours twice daily, morning and evening!! Love … Read More

Diane1302 - Green, Ohio

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An oasis in our own back yard

This Prodigy spa, is our second spa from Hot Springs. Our first one we had in Florida and we enjoyed it so much we had to have another one. We stuck with the brand we knew and trusted and are extremely pleased.We have enjoyed it even on snowy nights here … Read More

Happy Couple - Milford, PA

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2nd Hot Spring Spa We have owned

We love the Hot Spring Spas and are happy with our 2nd spa the Vanguard. It’s nice with all the jets and the ability to adjust them to your needs. I highly recommend it if you have any back problems due to the multiple areas you can sit, which allow … Read More

Gwb783 - Cleveland, OH

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