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Lakeland Pools & Spas Owners



Tracey Cochran-Shauger

Tracey has been part of Lakeland Pools & Spas for 33 years now. Tracey is married to Moose who works here delivering spas on Saturdays, and has a daughter Emily who helps us out in the store during the summers testing water, stocking shelves and carrying boxes out to our customers’ car. Tracey’s son Harrison passed away on March 26, 2013.

cindyCindy Kannon

Believe it or not, Cindy now has 45 years in the business. Cindy is married to Michael and has two sons, Jason who lives in Wolcott NY and Kyle who lives in Vermont.

debbieDebbie Moran

This year Debbie will be here for 33 years. Debbie is married to Bob and has a daughter Nicole who used to be here with us during high school and college, but has since married and moved on to teaching in Delaware.

Lakeland Pools & Spas Staff


Mike Flores

Certified Spa Technician and Certified Service Technician

Mike began working for us April, 2017.  He has over 14 years experience in the pool industry. Mike is our Hot Spring Certified Spa Technician and is an APSP Certified Service Technician.  Mike is married to Shannon and has 6 children.  When Mike is not repairing pools and spas he enjoys nature and building things.


Emily Shauger

Store/Water Care Specialist

Emily has spent most of her 17 years at Lakeland Pools. This is her Third year working full time during the summer.   Emily is on the High Point Regional High School Cross Country and Ski teams. Emily’s passion is skiing.  During the winter months she spends most of her spare time, racing down the slopes. When she is not skiing or running, she loves to watch Professional Bull Riding.







Delivery Crew:



Moose Shauger, Andy Shepherd, Kyle VanTassel, Mike Van Tassel