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At Lakeland Pools and Spas, we have been providing the people of Sussex County and surrounding areas with pools, spas and service since 1964.

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Nancy Vala
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We purchased our hot tub from Lakeland. They are always helpful with any questions we might have. A great perk is that they will always test your water and advise what adjustments need to be made to keep everything well balanced and maintained. Always friendly professional service!
Bobby Chavez
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I purchased a home back in 2022 and inherited a hot springs hot tub with the home that I knew absolutely nothing about. I went to Lakeland as the hot tub was purchased from them. Even though I did not directly purchase through them, they were more than accommodating to my needs and teaching me about my hot tub. Recently my hot tub went down and stopped heating. I called them nervous about the cold weather coming and potentially doing further damage to the hot tub. They sent out their technician Mike same day and were able to get me up and running all while at a reasonable price! I will continue to use Lakeland for all my spa needs for the foreseeable future! Top notch service guys
John Conover
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Could not be happier about the outstanding service we received from Lakeland. They helped us buy the perfect hot tub for us, quickly and efficiently. Installation was prompt, thorough and problem free. We received expert advice and the benefit of all their years of service. Could not have gone better.
Tracy Robles
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Outstanding company - they are clearly the experts! After several tries with other professionals who couldn't solve our problem, Lakeland Pools & Spas was able to find the perfect solution for our needs. We had never used them before, but definitely will return! High quality service really does make a difference.
Douglas Crane
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Lakeland Pools and Spas is owned and operated by very customer focused people. They were attentive in assisting with the right product for our family. They ensured we were assisted through the entire process of delivery hook up of our Hot Springs Tub. Any items that needed attention, they were very prompt in addressing and communicating. Nice to have an honest business in the area. Sales and Service from start to finish was exemplary.
Linda De Vries
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Dealing with the wonderful people at Lakeland Pools and Spas made the experience of purchasing a hot tub just a true pleasure. Step by step, they walked me through every aspect of buying, installing, prepping and maintaining my new hot tub. Whenever I have a question, they are cheerful in answering and thorough with their responses. Explaining things so that I understood. They give you all of the supplies you need to begin, complete with our own rubber duckie! I would highly recommend them if you are considering a hot tub.